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Things To Consider For A Wedding Party With A Low Budget

Planning a wedding affair is an expensive deal, no matter what. Also, it is not like planning any other event. However, if you are on a shoe string budget, then you definitely have to plan it on a budget. So, here are what you would have to consider if you are planning a wedding on budget.

The first thing that you need to consider while planning a budget wedding event is the budget itself. It is one of the important aspects of planning a wedding affair. Once the budget is determined, you can move on to other aspects of planning. Also, while figuring out the cost of the wedding party, you should also consider the costs associated with the wedding right from hiring the venue, booking the caterer, decorations, transportation costs, drinks cost, entertainment cost, photography charges, invitations cost and the cakes. Also, include the cost of wedding party favours. With everything being considered, you can have a clear idea of the amount of money that you can spend on the wedding party.

Of course, when it is an event as grand as wedding, you would wish to cherish every moment of it. You would want to remember every details of it by framing every moment of the wedding ceremony. Down the line, you would wish to treasure such beautiful memories while you and your family would sit down to see the family photo album. Ensure that you have to hire a budget wedding photographer since you are planning for a budget wedding.

You have to research well before selecting the best budget wedding photographer for the occasion. Go through the details and their previous work to ensure that quality is not compromised with lower budget.

Next thing to consider is the number of guests. This would decide the major part of expense of the party. Try and consider the maximum figure as you can trim down later.

Party location, the venue would also comprise of a significant part of the wedding party. It depends where you want to hold your wedding. The price will vary depending on whether you are booking a hotel, a resort, a banquet hall, a restaurant, beach, church, etc.

Also, consider the theme of the party. You can hold a dinner and dance party or go for a summer rain party. You can also decide to hold a snow party. Accordingly, you can ask the invitees to come in specific theme clothing. Also, you can organise the events depending on the particular theme.

Next thing to decide is the menu of the wedding party. You can choose from a myriad of choices starting from Continental, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc. You can also serve some salads, side dishes and desserts with the main course for a budget wedding.

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