Social Media: Connecting People, Building Dreams

The advent of social media revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. Gone are the days where we wait for letters to arrive, or spend hundreds of dollars on IDD calls. Gone are the days where you had no way to see your grandchildren living abroad unless you traveled. Gone are the days where communication was a burden.Social media and participation

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are currently used as platforms for participation in decision making, community development and political campaigns. For an example, many key political actors can now be found on social media platforms, which allow the people to engage with them directly, in an open space. Especially during the elections, these social media platforms are used as an apparatus to share ideas, debate over ideologies and to express solidarity.

Moreover, many social awareness campaigns are now conducted in the virtual space by activist groups and international organizations, which help them reach out to a bigger number of people as opposed to the limited crowd through offline engagement. Most importantly, people from all corners of the world are given the chance to participate in such campaigns actively, wherever in the world they might be.

Social media and dialogue

Dialogue and engagement provide the foundation of a democratic society, and social media helps further this. As opposed to the public arena in the non-virtual world, where opportunities to speak freely are limited, social media intermediaries give more freedom to raise one’s concerns. You get to engage with others in sharing ideas, thereby paving way for a healthy marketplace of ideas.

Social media and business

Social media platforms have been extremely useful for businesses worldwide, especially for small scale business owners who otherwise have limited resources to reach out to the public. Many business owners now maintain social media profiles, advertising their goods and services and interacting with the customers. For an example, Beaver Creek wedding photographer maintain accounts on many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, filling them up with recent shoots they did and detailing the packages they offer.

This gives people ample opportunity to those seeking a wedding photographers to assess their work and come into a decision as to which company suits them best. See this post if you are looking for the right photographer.

Social media and inter-personal connectivity

There seems to be much complain that social media has reduced inter-personal connectivity among the people. However, it is argued that, in this busy world where life is a rat race, social media has allowed us to remain as close as possible. It allows people to connect, irrespective of geographical location. Social media applications such as Whatsapp and Viber have significantly reduced the costs attached to real-time talking. Of course, the manner we communicate may have evolved, but it is communication nonetheless.